Logos & Branding

The Stephenson LP Fund

Midven is a leading provider of venture capital funding to dynamic small and medium sized businesses. The company currently manages 5 funds, which includes The Stephenson Fund.

Providing the capital for this fund is the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, which is one of the fastest growing professional engineering institutions and was founded by George Stephenson in 1847.

Midven engaged Natty Designs to create a logo concept for The Stephenson LP Fund, which reflects its focus on Mechanical Engineering, its history with founder George Stephenson and ethos: “to give an impulse to invention likely to be useful to the world”.

“We had no pre-conceived ideas but Natty Designs quickly came up with a set of logo proposals which captured the spirit of our brand perfectly, and we would have been happy with any one of them.”  Dr. Andrew Muir, Midven Limited – The Stephenson LP Fund.

The Stephenson Fund Logo Design by Natty Designs